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Dizzy Sheep - _Skacel Addi Olive Wood Crochet Hooks

Skacel Addi Olive Wood Crochet Hooks

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Skacel Addi Olive Wood Crochet Hooks - based on the dynamics of Skacel Addi's popular color coded crochet hook design,  these amazing crochet hooks feature a beautiful, warm secure-grip olive wood handle made from non-fruit bearing olive trees with a plant based oil finish and turbo plated tips. Perfect for hours of comfortable, easy crochet as the olive wood grip warms quickly to body temperature and the turbo plated tips glide smoothly.  A great choice for arthritic hands.

A fantastic crochet hook from Skacel featuring a beautiful warm secure-grip olive wood handle and turbo plated tips for hours of comfortable and easy crochet.

Material Olive Wood
Manufacturer Page: Skacel Addi Olive Wood Crochet Hooks