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Dizzy Sheep - Skacel Addi Natura Circular Needles

Skacel Addi Natura Circular Needles

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Skacel Addi Naturas - these wonderful needles are the perfect combination of multi-use point, smooth bamboo tips with a natural touch, and a smooth and flexible cable with snag free joins. 

Available in lengths ranging from 16" to 60", the available needle sizes within each length are exact metric and stamped on each cord with US sizes given as an approximation and ranging from US 2 to US 17 depending on the needle length.

These needles are the perfect choice for those looking for superior craftsmanship in a bamboo circular.

Bamboo circulars with the perfect combination of smooth bamboo tips, smooth, flexible Addi cables and snag-free joins.

Material Bamboo
Manufacturer Page: Skacel Addi Natura Circular Needles