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Dizzy Sheep - Fiber Trends Deluxe Felting Needle Kit

Fiber Trends Deluxe Needle Felting Kit

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Fiber Trends Deluxe Needle Felting Kit

This deluxe needle felting kit from Fiber Trends includes everything you need to get started!

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Fiber Trends Deluxe Needle Felting Kit Contents Include:

  • Basic Needle Felting Instructions
  • 4 Felting Needles:
    • 1 36 gauge (red) for course wool or deep felting
    • 2 38 gauge (green) all purpose needles
    • 1 40 gauge (blue) for fine finishing work
  • Instructions for Heart Shape coaster
  • 12 assorted colors of roving, roving colors may differ from photo
  • 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" foam pad for work surface

Needles are top quality and made in the USA.  Caution:  these needles are very sharp!  Please read the basic instructions before using them.  Always keep needles out of reach of children.