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Dizzy Sheep - Clover Needle Felting Tool

Clover Needle Felting Tool

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Clover Felting Tool

This needle felting tool from Clover includes 5 triangle point 40 gauge felting needles making appliquéing easy with just a light punch. Needle refills are sold separately in fine and heavy weight gauges. Needle felting tool should be used with a needle felting mat, not included.

Clover Needle Felting Tool is a versatile tool with 5 felting needles secured in an easy to use hand held tool with a spring like action that meshes wool fibers and pushes them into the bottom of a base fabric of natural wool, wool yarn or felt sheets containing wool. Perfect for appliqués. Tool comes with ability to lock mechanism and a clear cover for safety and storage. Needle refills contain five needles and are availale in fine for most fabrics and heavy for attaching appliqués to knits.