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Dizzy Sheep - Chic Knits: Stylish Designs From KNITPORT

Chic Knits: Stylish Deigns from KNITPORT

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Chic Knits: Stylish Designs from KNITPORT by Phuong My Ly. Treat yourself to the finer knits in life! As the owner of the ultra-stylish Knitport yarn shop in Southern California, Phuong My Ly has delighted customers with her unique brand of sophisticated knits for years. Now her style-smart designs are at your fingertips including 16 simple, wearable and chic projects ranging from sumptuous sweaters, a ruffled shrug, a lacy wrap, a baby cape and booties to felted bags.

 You can find more information about the patterns included here on Ravelry.

Chic Knits: Stylish Designs from KNITPORT

Author: Phuong My Ly
Paperback: 80 pages

ISBN-13: 9781564778260
Publisher: Martingale & Company, 2008

Condition: New with minimal cover edge shelf wear